Omar Samra

Omar Samra

Omar Samra’s life story is living proof of the fact that we can change the cards that we are dealt in life. Born in the UK and raised in Cairo, Omar’s first challenge in life was to overcome severe asthma as a child. Not only did he overcome the illness: Omar grew to be a successful sportsman, an avid globetrotter and an accomplished mountaineer. He is the first Egyptian and youngest Arab to conquer Mount Everest, complete the 7 summits challenge and row across the Atlantic Ocean, to name but a few of his extraordinary undertakings.


Until today, Samra has visited over 80 countries and has turned his hand to entrepreneurship and the charity and NGO sectors, for which he has won several awards including MBC Al-Amal’s prestigious Humanitarian Project of the Year in 2014.


A continuous role model and inspiration, Omar Samra delivers motivational and inspiring speeches across Egypt, the Arab world and internationally to schools, universities and NGOs, as well as having spoken at several TEDx conferences around the world. To date, he has delivered over 130 inspirational talks globally.


Continuously striving to better himself and to have a positive impact on the world around him, Omar took his late wife’s small initiative, originally known as The Cairo Toy Run for Orphanages, and, after her tragic passing at the age of 32 in 2013, turned that into what is now Marwa Fayed’s Toy Run (MFTR). It is a story of true resilience; of hardship blooming into hope.


Omar Samra’s story is one of courage and ambition. It is the story of one man choosing hope in the face of adversity and unceasingly proving that there are many ways to play the hand we are dealt with.