Community Centers

 The main goal of our community centers is to provide better recreational services to specific groups in the community, particularly women and youth. This can be done by promoting the use of facilities to create safe spaces in which members of the community can grow, fulfill their aspirations and cultivate opportunities, as well as empowering individuals by encouraging them to take an active and responsible role in the development of a safe community.

A welcome byproduct of this action is the development of youth leadership and the promotion of wellbeing and educational attainment. It also addresses social inequality through sports and revitalized community spaces.

The strong focus on women and girls translates into dedicated female programs that encourage more active female roles within the community, developing their talents and passions and addressing the existing attitudes and cultural norms that limit women and girls as drivers of development.

The ultimate aim is to eventually form mentors who can then facilitate community action and youth engagement, promoting social change by channeling their personal experience.

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